Lowes galvanized cattle fence panels cheap farm metal horse deer net grassland field fence for cattle

Short Description:

Type:Ring type, Surround type
Mesh wire size:1.5mm-2.5mm or OEM
Edge wire size:2mm-4mm  or OEM
Mesh:1"*4",2"*4",4"*4",3"*6",4"*6",5"*6",6"*6",8"*6",10"*6" etc                                        
Width:0.6m-2.5m or OEM
Length:10m-200m  or OEM
Technology:Pressure wave, Hot dipped galvanized, Electrical galvanized, PVC coated
Material:AJ3F material high strength galvanized steel wire,low carbon hot dipped galvanized wire,high carbon hot 
dipped galvanized wire,low carbon cold galvanized wire,PVC coated wire

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Cattle fence, also called Field Fence, Farm Fence, Cattle Fence, House Fence, Grassland Fence, Sheep Fence. It is suitable for borders in fields and grassland for breeding of deer, cattle, sheep and other animals.
Cattle Fence is produced with hot dipped galvanized wire. Furthermore, it is another effective, economical wildlife-proof fence, Simple in structure, Easy maintenance, etc.
A field fence, also known as a woven wire fence, tends to be the best option for safeguarding these animals. It’s also effective at containing cattle and horses. Field fences are robust, as they’re made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel.
? Best choice for resistance to animal damage.
? Strong fence construction allows for increased post spacing.
? Maximum strength from the fixed knot locks the stay wire in place.
? Smaller openings at the bottom designed to stop small animal enter.
? Increasedpost spacing thanks to the solid vertical wire design combined with a high strength to weight ratio.




Packaging & delivery
(1) Rolls chain link fence wrap woven bag at top and bottom
(2) Framework and gate in pallets, out wrap with plastic film to prevent moist
(3) Fittings in wooden case



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