Chinese Factory Direct Sale 0.3-6.0mm PVC Coated Wire

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Name:Hot dip galvanized wire Small roll of galvanized wire
Material: Black annealed  wire, electric galvanized wire  and PVC ,PE
Character: it offers excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging property and longer service life 
compared with common galvanized iron wire,different colors are available at customers"choices.
Usage:  used in weaving wire mesh,construction,handicrafts,express way fencing mesh,packaging
of products and other dailu uses.
Specification:   diameter 0.8mm/1.2mm-3.0mm/4.0mm

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PVC coated wire, also called plastic coated wire, after high temperature dissolution cooled solid PVC particles uniformly wrapped in high-quality black iron wire and galvanized wire through advanced equipment.
PVC coated wire is mainly divided into PVC coated wire and PE coated wire.PVC Coating has strong adhesion, good gloss, uniform coating, high toughness, good corrosion resistance, bright color.There are more than twenty color , and most common color is dark green, grass gre
en or black.Our wire diameter range of products is wide the inner diameter can be done from 0.25mm to 5.0mm. After coating,the outer diameter can reach 0.5MM to 6mm, packing we can do spool wire, small coil wire and big coil wire. Due to the quality of our raw materials and imported raw environmentally friendly PVC outer perfect combination in the samep roduct, it has better anti-oxidation, anticorrosion, anti-cracking effect anti-cracking effect, and the service life increased 1.5 times. Our plant has strict management rules, so our cost is 10% lowers than same industry.








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