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Material:PE, Nylon
Color:White/Gray/Blue /Yellow /Green/Red/CustomizeSize:M6-M10
Finish:Zinc colorful

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Name:Wholesale plastic expand nails with nail
Packaging Details
1.Small white box into carton,then into pallet
2.Colorful box into carton,then into pallet
3.Bulk carton,then into pallet
4.According to customer request
Structure: Geometry of the expansion pipe, in the solid structure of the object in the expansion.
Function: To prevent rotation of the structral design, when using the screw does not rotate in the air to follow.
Feature:Elasticity, shock resisting, durable, light weight, easy installation, resistance to corrosion
First, we need to use electric drill to drill specific size of the hole
Second, putting expand plug in the hole
Finally, using a screwdriver to tighten screw into the expansion tube until the specified location
Application:Applied in housing decoration and construction industry
The expansion screw is composed of screw and expansion tube. The tail of the screw is conical: the inner diameter of the 
cone is larger than that of the expansion tube. When the nut is tightened, the screw moves outward. Axial movement 
through threads. By moving the cone part, a large positive pressure is formed around the expansion tube, and the angle of
the cone is very small, so that the wall, the expansion tube and the cone can form friction self-locking, thus achieving a
fixed effect.
It is insulation board fixed on the wall of a kind of special engineering plastic bolts.Of exterior wall thermal insulation for heat
preservation nail is the anchor pieces, widely used in building decoration, wall  anchorage.By galvanized screws,nylon tube
rises and the fixed wafers.
Matters needing attention:
1. The depth and diameter of the hole need to correspond to the size of the engineering product (example: 6MM size expans
ion pipe needs to play 6MM hole on the wall).
2, in order to ensure the reliability of the installation, please ensure that the length of the matching screw can penetrate the 
expansion tube, and the extension of min is equivalent to the length of one screw diameter.
3. When using a similar situation to a wall corner, etc., ensure that:
(1) The distance between the mounting position of the fish-shaped plastic expansion tube and the angle is above the length 
of one expansion tube.
(2) The unfolding direction of the fin-shaped anti-rotation structure (ie the direction of expansion) should be parallel to the edge
 of the corner.
4. This product is not suitable for use in places where continuous axial tensile loads (such as vertical suspension installations)
and the expansion tube should be protected by min° shear force.
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