Umbrella head roofing nail

Short Description:

Name:  Galvanized Roofing Nails with Umbrella Head factory
Material: Forging steel
Usage: Agriculture for the harvesting of sugar cane. A variety of specifications for sugar cane 
knives,machetes, corn knives, we can also make the products according to customer requirements.
Processing and Character: Has been gone through punching,heat treatment,polishing and
assemble..It has the characterof flinty texture and smooth surface and it is easy to handle.
Available: With plastic handle or wooden handle.

Product Detail

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Material: low carbon steel Q235 or Q195, stainless steel, aluminum and copper.
Finishes and application:Finishes can be HDG(hot-dipped galvanzied)zinc plating,EG(electro 
galvanized)blue and white color,stainless steel,copper plated,phosphor plated,aluminum plated,
artificial gold plated and plain.
Type: Smooth shank nail is the most popular types, with economic cost due to less cost of materials.
Used in variousgeneral fastening. Ring-shank nail is used extensively in post-frame construction due
 to their superior performance.Ring-shank nail has approximately twice the withdrawal resistance 
of smooth-shank nails of the same diameter. Screwshank nail enjoy superior holding strength, 
suitable for hard wood fastening in construction.
* Nominal Diameter: 2.8-4.2 mm *
Length: 40-80 mm *
Surface treatment method: galvanized, polished product name:
Ramie corrugated nail, umbrella cap, Ramie.
Surface Galvanized Specification: 9BWG * 2"9BWG * 21/2"10BWG * 2"10BWG * 21/2"11BWG * 11/5"
11BWG * 2"12BWG *15"12BWG * 2"8BWG * 2"8BWG * 21/2"8BWG * 3"or according to customer
Packaging:America 50Ibs carton Europe 20kgs carton (5kgs/box, 4boxes/carton) 
Africa 25kgs carton South Korea GP box 20kgs 
Middle East 350g box, 16boxes per carton 
1 ton wooden box 50kgs wooden box 30Ibs plastic tub with handle 
25kgs carton 5kgs box 300g small box 
5kgs pastic box 100g--1kg clam shell 1kg pastic tub with handle 
self-sealed palstic bag carton inner plastic bag 
as per the customer's requirement
Usage: Building construction, decoration field, bicycle parts, wooden furniture, electrical component, 
household and so on
Roofing nail is also called umbrella roofing nail. The material is used by high quality Q195 and Q235
steel wire. The finish can be galvanized, yellow, white, and the shank of the roofing nails can be 
smooth shank,twisted shank and ring shank,also the head can be different colors,like red,green,
blue etc.These different types offer various properties for the roofing nails and give different 
application effects.according to the nail cap shape can be divided into parallel and circular arc 
corrugated nail, and because the nail in the design of different, there are light body, ring, spiral and
square several, depending on the use of different buyers can buyor customize the need for the 
corrugated nail style, to achieve the best fixed effect
-Sufficient Forging, Heating, Machining Equipment
-In-house Inspection Instruments for Quality Controlling
-Competitive Price & High Quality Assurance
-Fast, Effective and Efficient Services

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