What is the use of nails?

1. Nail

Application: No nail head nails, no nail marks after laying, suitable for advanced decoration industry.

2. Steel row nails

Uses: Furniture making, sofa, wooden box, and various wood products.

3, code nail K nail, code nail, N nail

Uses: Furniture manufacturing for sofa chairs, sand release and leather. The decoration industry is used for ceiling, sheet, etc., and the wooden box industry is used for outer sheet

4, cement steel nails

Application: Can be nailed directly into concrete and brick walls

5. Wood screws

Uses: Used in the combination of metal and other materials with wooden materials

6. Twist nails

Application: Suitable for some places that need strong pinning force, such as drawers, wooden ceiling boom, etc., common specifications from 50 to 85mm have a variety of specifications.

7. Stitching

Use: Splicing nails are easier to merge and fix wood than other nails, especially suitable for dowel when the board is combined, the common specifications are 25~120mm.

8. Self-tapping screws

Use: Nail body screw deeper, high hardness, cheap, better than other nails to combine two metal parts. It is mostly used for the connection and fixing of metal components, such as the production of aluminum alloy doors and Windows.

9. Shooting nails

Use: The nail is mostly used in the construction of wooden works, such as fine wood work and wooden lighting works.

10. Staples

Usage: Used for the binding of paper documents, generally made of iron or copper, plated with nickel or nickel zinc alloy to prevent rust.

11. Bolts

Application: Suitable for all kinds of wall, ground anchoring building accessories and objects.

12. Nail straight

Application: decoration industry of plywood, strip board mounting. Furniture manufacturing wood assembly inlaid rattan and other steel nails: the use of high-quality 45# carbon steel manufacturing, unique design, reasonable structure, exquisite appearance, suitable for light wood keel connection.

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