Use and composition of thermal insulation nail

Thermal insulation nail is a special engineering plastic expansion nail that fixes the thermal insulation board on the wall. Thermal insulation nail is a special anchoring part for external wall insulation, which is widely used in building decoration and anchoring of wall insulation room. It is composed of galvanized screw, nylon expansion pipe and fixed disc. According to the thickness of the insulation layer, it is divided into a variety of specifications.
Insulation nail component
Insulation nail by three parts: one is made of nylon sleeve; The second is the galvanized steel screw in the casing; The third is the nylon disc in front of the sleeve (to cover the insulation board). Its length varies according to the thickness of the insulation board.

Use of thermal insulation nail
Widely used in building decoration, wall insulation room anchoring. It has anti-aging, anti-temperature sudden change, anti-corrosion, cold and heat resistance; High bearing capacity, high pressure, good tensile performance; After loading, it is not easy to deform, moisture-proof, slow vibration, and good thermal insulation. Easy to install, no special installation tools are required. Galvanized screw is a good solution to the corrosion problem, good durability, and nylon material heat transfer performance is low, no cold bridge in winter, high efficiency and energy saving. According to the different wall materials and anchored external wall materials, it is roughly divided into solid wall insulation nails, hollow brick insulation nails, steel wire mesh special insulation nails and large mold built-in.

Method of using thermal insulation nail
Thermal insulation nails are a kind of firmware that will be used in the decoration process now. Many people may not have heard, what is insulation nails, when and where we will use insulation nails, if you carefully read the following article you will find that insulation nails are essential in daily life.

China’s science and technology continue to develop, and so does the firmware industry chain. Things like insulation nails or nylon expansion plugs are products of modern science. The market share of firmware such as insulation nails is increasing, and it will be used in a large number of home decoration or industrial design in the future. Take interior decoration as an example, many modern home decoration in my country will use a large number of such nails, because it has the advantages that traditional thumbtacks or iron nails can not be compared, and to a large extent avoid their shortcomings, so the market share is growing.

In many parts of the South we call insulation nails insulation anchors. As the name suggests, in daily life, thermal insulation nails have very low corrosion resistance, can greatly improve the service life of nails, can be used in a variety of changing temperatures, will not be broken and deformed because of too long use time, can withstand greater pressure.

Insulation nails can be used in places where there is a lot of water mist, can be used in places where friction is often needed, can be used outside confined Spaces, and can be used in places to prevent electric shock, all thanks to the inherent moisture prevention and insulation properties of insulation nails.

Because the insulation nail is made of sleeve nozzle and soft nylon material, it has high airtightness, and has great advantages for the use of family walls to prevent noise and sound insulation effects.

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