Nail Manufacturing Process

Nail production process is mainly drawing, cold heading, polishing and other processes. Nail production raw materials is disc, that is, the disc of steel, after drawing wire, pull out the diameter of the Nail Rod, and then after cold heading, nail tail and tip, and then polishing, that is finished. These processes can be added if the nail surface needs to be electroplated or blackened. There are many kinds of nails, commonly used nails, felt nails, cement steel nails, headless nails, nails, coil nails. The surface has galvanization, copper plating and so on, according to the actual need choice. Ordinary round nails: for Nailing Wood. 2. SHOOT NAILS: machine nails used to nail wood (closely spaced but straight like staples) . 3, floor set: floor dedicated. 4. Screw: The surface of the complex linear thread, but not used to screw into the components, but with a hammer driven into the, mainly used for packing boxes and other large wooden structures with 5, ring nails: mainly used for fiberboard, plasterboard board board surface. 6. Concrete steel nails are used to connect concrete walls, floors, and cladding materials. 7, SHOOT NAIL: Shot into the concrete wall for power, even shot into the cast iron with Nail 8, bubble nail: Decorative nail for soft package fastening, such as SOFA, do drum nail. Stapler staple (similar to stapler staple) for corrugated packing boxes staple (for wooden ships) staple (one end is straight, the other is 90 degrees bent, but both ends are pointed) for wooden ships staple (for shoe nails) the cross section is square

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