Nail definition and classification

A nail is a pointed piece of hard metal (usually steel) used to hold things such as wood in place. Hammers drive nails into objects, and more recently, electric nail guns and gas nail guns. The reason why the nail can stabilize the object is by its own deformation and hooked on it, and by friction. Nails are one of the most common things in decorating. Iron nails are also called iron nails, and steel nails are also called steel nails. In engineering, carpentry, and construction, a nail is a pointed piece of hard metal (usually steel) that is used to hold things such as wood in place. Hammers drive nails into objects, and there are also electric nail guns and gas nail guns. Nails are therefore able to stabilize objects by being hooked to them through their own deformation, as well as by friction.

Nails come in different shapes for many purposes, the most common nail is called a “wire nail”, and other common nail names are pins, thumbtacks or curveheads. Nails are widely used, the use of more scenarios, the general aircraft carrier rivet price is more expensive, the price of ordinary nails is cheaper¬†peg.

Nail usage: no nail head nails, no nail marks after laying, suitable for advanced decoration industry.A nail that is indispensable in construction

Steel gang nails

Steel nail features: novel design, unique, with rapid effect, good engineering quality, widely used and other characteristics, is the ideal replacement of ordinary round nails.

Uses: Furniture making, sofa, wooden box, and various wood products.

Weight pin

K nail, code nail, N nail use: Furniture manufacturing for sofa chairs, sand release and leather. The decoration industry is used for ceiling, sheet, etc., and the wooden box industry is used for outer sheet

Cement-steel nail

It is similar in appearance to a round peg, with a slightly thicker head. However, cement steel nails are made of high-quality steel, which has the advantages of hardness and bending resistance, and can be nailed directly into concrete and brick walls. Common specifications are 7~35mm.

Wood screw

Also known as wood teeth screw. It is easier to combine with wood than other nails, and is used in the combination of metal and other materials with wooden materials.

Twist nail

The nail body is shaped like a twist, the head is round and flat, the head of a cross or a font, and the bottom is a pointed bottom. The nails are particularly strong. Suitable for some places that need strong pinning force, such as drawers, wooden ceiling boom, etc., common specifications from 50 to 85mm have a variety of specifications.


It is a nail with sharp ends and a smooth surface in the middle. Splicing nails are easier to merge and fix wood than other nails, especially suitable for use as pins when the board is combined, and the common specifications are 25~120mm.

Tapping screw

The body screw is deep, high hardness, cheap, and can combine two metal parts better than other nails. It is mostly used for the connection and fixing of metal components, such as the production of aluminum alloy doors and Windows.

Shoot nail

It’s similar to a cement nail, but it’s shot from a gun. Relatively speaking, nail fastening is better and more economical than manual construction. It is also easier to construct than other nails. The nail is mostly used in the construction of wooden works, such as fine wood work and wooden lighting works.

Split nail

It is divided into female nail and child nail, the female nail is hollow cylinder shape, and the bottom two corners of the child nail will be split; It is generally used to fix various parts on concrete.


For the binding of paper documents, etc., generally made of iron or copper, plated with nickel or nickel-zinc alloy to prevent rust.


The bolts commonly used in decoration projects are mainly divided into plastic and metal, which are used to replace the embedded bolts. Suitable for all kinds of wall, ground anchoring building accessories and objects.

Straight nail

Straight nail application: decoration industry of plywood, strip board installation. Furniture manufacturing wood assembly inlaid rattan and other steel nails: the use of high-quality 45# carbon steel manufacturing, unique design, reasonable structure, exquisite appearance, suitable for light wood keel connection.

Special steel nail

Special steel nails: The use of high-quality 45# steel manufacturing with high strength can be directly nailed into the ordinary brick wall, 260#-280# cement mortar block, silicate and other structures, is the ideal building installation, decorative riding nails (U-shaped nails) uses: mainly used for fixing metal plate mesh, wire mesh and indoor hanging line, can also be used for fixing steel wire binding wooden boxes. Ordinary round nails are generally only used for construction structures and rough parts and woodworking. The nail is mainly used for fine wood work and wood finishing works. Floor nails are used for floor coverings

Ring nails are mainly used for fiberboard and gypsum board.

Concrete steel nails are used for the connection of cement walls, floors and surface materials. Decorative nails are used for securing soft bags.

The length of nails selected for use should be 2.5 to 3 times the thickness of the workpiece to be nailed. In order to increase the firmness of the connection, there should be an Angle when napping to form a dovetail diagonal nail combination and produce a hook-and-buckle effect. Wood nailing, should first saw the long end to reduce wood splitting, hardwood nails, should drill a good nail hole, the aperture should be slightly smaller than the nail diameter. At least two nails should be driven into each joint to ensure that the joint is strong.

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