How to select drywall screw

DRYWALL studs have become less magical and taller in our daily life. They used to be used in high-class Housing and engineering construction, but now they are also one of the most commonly used building materials, for example, we have to fix things in our daily life. In fixed items before we do not have the habit of pre-drilling, so we buy drywall nail when the requirements of the drywall nail material must be good, product specifications production requirements are very strict. Below Tianjin dry-wall nail manufacturers to introduce how to buy suitable dry-wall Nail: First, the top of the dry-wall nail is round, which is also a round head screw to a domestic standard requirements. We usually see in the nail will not be all the nail head is round, there are some manufacturers may not be very round nail head, some even slightly square. The result is that the screw-in does not exactly match the DRYWALL, and the concentric circles rotate around a central point. The design method is primarily scientific. It’s better for productivity. Second, nail the dry wall to the head to be pointed. In penetrating relatively hard objects, if we do not pre-drilled two direct rotation, so the Dry Wall nail sharp angle quality must be good, the general requirements of 23 ~ 27 degrees, the requirement of dry wall nail head full, can not have tow wire, cracking phenomenon. Especially when used in Light Steel Keel, if the use of poor quality will lead to tip can not be used, seriously affect the efficiency and safety of work. According to national standards, wallboard nail to be able to drill through the 6mm iron plate in 1 second. Third, the drywall nail must not appear eccentric situation. The easiest way to determine if a drywall nail is eccentric is to place the round head down on the table to see if the threads are vertical and centered on the head. Once eccentric, in the use of power tools screw is caused by shaking the tool, serious damage is screwed into the material.

Post time: Oct-21-2020

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