Galvanized Line

With the continuous development of technology, galvanized lines in recent years has a new development, Galvanized line the emergence of waste heat recovery system, and in some production lines.
Annealing furnace with radiant tube indirect heating strip, the fuel burned by the radiant tube burns generated after the flue gas from the end of the radiant tube by the air heat exchanger after the discharge, this time there is still a high temperature flue gas, with a lot of heat. Galvanized line In order to make full use of heat energy, combined with the energy consumption of the entire unit, in the furnace exhaust system on the pipeline additional air heat exchanger and hot water heat exchanger, respectively, Galvanized line for strip cleaning, water quenching, passivated hot air Dry and heat the cleaning section of the lye. Through the recovery of flue gas waste heat, can reduce the whole line for cleaning and drying the heating of steam or electricity consumption, reduce production costs, while reducing energy emissions
The thickness is further reduced to the thickness required for the galvanized raw material. Galvanized line Cold rolling is the most common single-stand reversible rolling mill and cold continuous rolling production line. In a single stand reversible rolling mill on a rolling mill on a rolling mill several times, so that the thickness of the steel strip gradually thinning. In the continuous cold rolling production line, the steel strip has been continuously rolled to the desired thickness through a set of several rolling mills.
Galvanizing: galvanizing is a hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil surface treatment process. The most common is cold now
Rolled galvanized sheet, the raw material after hot rolling after pickling and cold rolling processing. So the thickness is small, and the surface is more smooth, to adapt to most uses. Galvanized line But with the development of economic technology, many occasions need thick galvanized sheet. If the surface requirements are not high, you can directly use hot-rolled plate to galvanize. Hot-rolled galvanized sheet thickness is generally 2-4mm, width of 1000-1600mm, and cold-rolled galvanized sheet coverage area is not too large, so the interchangeability is not too strong.
Dip galvanizing process together, Galvanized line in the same production line on the production of two processes, not only save the process, but also to produce a better quality galvanized sheet, Galvanized line which is an in-line annealing method, named the Senjimir method The The Sengmiri wire heating furnace has two separate components, which are heated to 450 ° C in an oxidized gas furnace to remove grease from the surface of the strip and the steel strip surface is oxidized. And then the steel into the reduction furnace to continue to heat to 700-800 ℃, to complete the recrystallization annealing, reducing the furnace ammonia decomposition gas to restore the surface of the oxide film and prevent further oxidation of steel. Finally, Galvanized line the steel strip is cooled to 480 ° C and into the zinc pot. The formation of the hot-dip galvanizing technology is the basis of modern hot-dip galvanizing technology, so that the width of the product reaches 1m and the production line speed reaches 90m / min. Steel surface no longer use additives, and the temperature and zinc solution consistent, Galvanized line so that the temperature of zinc pot, easy to control the amount of aluminum, a substantial increase in product quality.

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